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Web site design development marketing essexes

This was before safety standards and Elizabeth lost the tips of two fingers on her left hand to one of the machines. They were married 1902 December 27 at the home of brother Robert Dalton Tisdale. Between 19 George left the Automatic Can Company for a position as engineer aboard a tug boat belonging to the Armstrong-Morrison Company.Also during this time George and Elizabeth purchased a house at 2290 Dundas Street near the intersection with Nanaimo in East Vancouver.

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She was only thirteen years of age when her father died and had to leave school to work as a domestic servant.Colonization of mainland British Columbia had begun only about 1850. His career began as an assistant in a studio on Columbia Street in New Westminster. At age 15 he worked as a bellhop in the Colonial Hotel. and Vincent had an aptitude for work with machinery, similar to that of their father.What an adventure, to arrive in the still mostly primitive British Columbia. In 1897 the three brothers began working at the Automatic Can Company which produced tinned steel cans for food.In 1897 Ernest and Anne moved their residence to the vicinity of Pender and Rupert Streets in Vancouver. By 1898 he had established a bicycle shop at 521 West Hastings Street approximately midway between Cambie and Abbott Streets, in premises formerly occupied by Barr and Anderson Plumbing Supplies. In 1893 Joseph was working in his boatshop on the north bank of the Fraser River when a saw blade broke and inflicted a fatal injury.Joseph died of peritonitis and was buried in the Church of England Cemetary in New Westminster on April 17.After a year or two she became an assistant to a dressmaker -- employment which paid better than the domestic work.

About age eighteen Elizabeth obtained a position on the production line of the Automatic Can Company.

By the age of seventeen Vincent had seen a description in an eastern magazine, of such an engine for use in a boat.

He expressed to his father a desire to build an engine. had worked with atmospheric engines which ran on natural gas and explained the mechanics to his son.

The tug assisted in construction of a new railway bridge over the Fraser River at New Westminster in 1909.

Ethel (Easthope) Nyberg recalls being told of an accidental explosion.

Birth records suggest that a family of Easthopes moved to Wolverhampton in 1777/1778.