Updating dbml

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Updating dbml

Dim countries = From cust In customers Order By cust. The provider also converts data from the source to the objects that make up your query result.Finally, it converts objects to data when you send updates to the data source.

LINQ queries can be used as the source of additional queries to refine results. Private Class Customer Public Property Customer ID As Integer Public Property Company Name As String Public Property City As String Public Property Country As String End Class ' Order Class.

It was not even any of the inner exceptions, but it was the cause of the issue.

This is retarded and I need to come up with a way to overcome this. I had this issue because my website did not have a certificate bound to the SSL port.

LINQ enables you to query data from a SQL Server database, XML, in-memory arrays and collections, ADO.

NET datasets, or any other remote or local data source that supports LINQ. City) Next Next ' Output: ' Canada count=2 ' Contoso, Ltd Halifax ' Fabrikam, Inc.

It is able to query the database and it creates the List object and returns it. But the client application receives the "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" error.

To me it seems like something is happening when the service layer is trying to package up the data in XML format to send back to the calling application.

Visual Basic includes the following LINQ providers.

interface, the LINQ to Objects provider enables you to query it.

I am thinking that it has to be a data related problem because the call works fine for other users.

I have visually looked at the data and I don't really see anything odd. The best thing I've found for diagnosing things like this is the service trace viewer.

One guess is that the data for User B has some funky hidden characters or something and therefore is causing the service to close unexpectedly. It's pretty simple to set up (assuming you can edit the configs): this helps. I had a similar problem and in my case, the Service Trace Viewer showed me an exception being thrown while trying to serialize an enum value.