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The firm is counsel to the creditors' committee of this air-based freight forwarding company in its chapter 11 case pending in the Western District of New York.

Ultimately, an orderly process for selling or reorganizing the company was established that resulted in a confirmed plan of reorganization that spared it from outright liquidation.

The power from the plants is used in the western United States.

The firm was counsel for the creditors' committee in the chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Payless Holdings and its related debtor subsidiaries pending in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

The firm’s strategic office locations allow us to handle the most significant bankruptcy matters throughout the United States and abroad, and file these cases in the jurisdiction that best meets a client’s objectives.

The firm has a hedge fund practice where we advise various hedge funds that have debt positions or are considering purchasing debt positions in distressed companies.

The firm has represented some of these funds in a number of distressed coal company cases, but the firm did not make an appearance in the case. We represent several public utilities with respect to their ownership of coal-fired power plants located in the western United States.

Issues relate to the relationship with another owner and the operator of the plants.We served as counsel to the official committee of unsecured creditors in the case of Irving Tanning Company , which is engaged in the business of treating and finishing cow hides into leather sold to manufacturers of leather products in the United States and worldwide.At the beginning of the case, the company's secured lender was insisting on a liquidation, and opposed the debtor's request to use cash collateral.The success of the sale, combined with settlements with key constituencies, allowed for a prompt proposal of the liquidating plan that creditors voted overwhelmingly to support.The firm was retained as litigation counsel by the chapter 7 trustee in this case to prosecute avoiding actions.The distribution to general unsecured creditors is expected to be in the range of 17%-22%. The company filed for chapter 11 protection three years after emerging from a previous trip through bankruptcy.