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Clutch Cargo gained a tiny boost in recognition when the man at the center of the infamous 1987 Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion hummed its theme song during one of his non-sequiturs, then made reference to the final episode by stating that he could "still see the X".When this CBS primetime animated series finally debuted after several delays, it was roundly panned for its crude scripts and cheap production values, both of drastically lesser quality than the Amazing Stories episode which had spawned the series.

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DVD Talk wrote that "the animation and character designs show that John K.

These three Cambria Studios productions were infamous for their use of Syncro-Vox, a shortcut that superimposed the mouths of the voice actors onto still frames of the characters, resulting in a near total lack of actual animation.

A Captain Fathom episode is included on a compilation DVD of the worst cartoons of all time.

It’s just one horribly stupid, cringe-inducing moment after another with characters who are truly loathsome and unpleasant." Robert Bianco of USA Today also gave the show a negative review, saying it was "nasty and brutish", "rarely funny", and made them "hate every character except Julie".

Nonetheless, a positive review came from the Chicago Sun-Times, saying the show had "comedic potential." Metacritic had an overall review of 40% for the show.

The show has been the target of a barrage of often-vicious and dark anti-Barney humor since its debut. The children were usually dressed to look like the original performers, including the clothing and make-up.

The show made many adult viewers uncomfortable because it often showed the child singers dressing and dancing in imitation of the provocative styles of the original adult performers.

most pointing out the show's poor attempt to emulate American animated shows, notably the uncanny character resemblances to Family Guy, as well as the poor art designs of the characters in general.

Ian Hyland of The Daily Mail wrote: "it's rather apt that they've called it Full English. would have it for breakfast.", This series was created for Cartoon Network by Ben Jones and was globally panned, with writers of entertainment-related publications criticizing the visual style and writing.

The show is infamous for its shoddy pencil-sketch artwork, reused animation, rambling voiceovers, muffled soundtrack, and general low-budget problems.

Chris Swanson of What Culture gave the pilot episode a rating of 0.5 out of 5, saying "There is nothing charming, witty or interesting about this show.

Six animated episodes of this series were produced, all bearing the date 1954, making it one of the first ever efforts at a made-for-television cartoon (which would not become commonplace until the late 1950s); the characters were originally from a local TV puppet show on Chicago's WENR-TV (now WLS-TV) that began airing in 1950.

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