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(4) Pending implementation of the regulations required under paragraph (3), the department shall publish interim guidelines consistent with the provisions of paragraph (3). "Unit dose package." An individually sealed package that contains a single dose drug with the drug name, strength, manufacturer identifier, lot number and expiration date of the drug on the package. (3) The drug is returned to the vendor pharmacy unopened and still sealed in the unit dose package, unit of issue package, bottle or manufacturer's package. (d) Operations to be consistent with law.--The board shall ensure that the prison is being operated in accordance with its regulations and the laws and regulations of this Commonwealth and of the United States. (a) Appointment.-- (1) The chief executive shall appoint a warden subject to confirmation by the board. "Non-compacting state" means any state which has not enacted the enabling legislation for this compact.The provisions of this section shall be in full force and effect even if the department has not yet published interim guidelines or implemented the regulations required under this section. "Unit of issue package." A package that includes multiple unit dose packages of the same drug. (4) Each returned unit dose package, unit of issue package, bottle or manufacturer's package retains the drug name, strength, manufacturer identifier, lot and expiration date as originally labeled by the pharmacy or manufacturer. (e) Investigations.--The board shall investigate allegations of inadequate prison conditions and improper practices occurring within the prison and may make such other investigations or reviews of prison operation and maintenance. The board shall, in the manner provided by law, promulgate such rules, regulations and forms it deems necessary for the proper administration of the board and for the operation of the prison and alternative housing facilities. The warden shall serve at the pleasure of the chief executive, who shall fix an appropriate salary. "Offender" means an adult placed under, or subject to, supervision as the result of the commission of a criminal offense and released to the community under the jurisdiction of courts, paroling authorities, corrections, or other criminal justice agencies.

L.31, No.21), known as the Public Welfare Code, shall make the report to the secretary. The Secretary of Public Welfare, referred to in subsec. Act 95 added section 1105, retroactive to November 9, 2009. (ii) The court has found that the inmate's presence is required at the judicial proceeding. The following words and phrases when used in this subchapter shall have the meanings given to them in this section unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: "Correctional facility." A correctional institution, group home, community corrections center, parole center or any facility that houses a person convicted of a criminal offense, or awaiting trial, sentencing or extradition in a criminal proceeding. The citizen members shall be appointed by the county chief executive with the consent of county council. (a) General rule.--The board's administrative powers and duties shall include the operation and maintenance of the prison and all alternative housing facilities, the oversight of the health and safekeeping of inmates and the confirmation of the chief executive's selection of a warden. The board shall make such rules and regulations for the government and management of the county correctional institution and the safekeeping, discipline and employment of the inmates, as may be deemed necessary. The board shall appoint a warden of the county correctional institution. Board of inspectors to regulate salaries of wardens and other staff. "Department." The Department of Corrections of the Commonwealth. If this compact shall be held contrary to the Constitution of any state participating therein, the compact shall remain in full force and effect as to the remaining states and in full force and effect as to the state affected as to all severable matters. L.177, No.175), known as the Administrative Code of 1929. "Compact Administrator" means the individual in each compacting state appointed pursuant to the terms of this compact responsible for the administration and management of the state's supervision and transfer of offenders subject to the terms of this compact, the rules adopted by the Interstate Commission and policies adopted by the State Council under this compact.

Recording system for identification of criminal offenders. State recording system for application of restraints to pregnant prisoners or detainees. L.817, No.143), known as the Mental Health Procedures Act, shall be paid by the Commonwealth the employee's full salary until the disability arising from the injury no longer prevents the employee's return as an employee of the department at a salary equal to that earned by the employee at the time of the injury. In the selection of a site, there shall be taken into consideration the objects and purposes of the joint detention center. Joint detention facilities shall be constructed by contract or contracts let by the county commissioners of the counties to the lowest responsible and best bidder after due advertisement in at least one newspaper, published in each of the counties joining in the erection of the joint detention facilities, once a week for two consecutive weeks. After joint detention facilities have been erected and equipped and are ready for occupancy, the president judges of the courts of common pleas of the counties joining in the construction of the joint detention facilities shall appoint an advisory board to consist of three persons from each of the counties. (14) To consider granting waivers of mandatory basic training to county probation officers who have successfully completed previous equivalent training. (d) "Inmate" means a male or female offender who is committed, under sentence to or confined in a penal or correctional institution. Payments to be made to the receiving state by the sending state for inmate maintenance, extraordinary medical and dental expenses, and any participation in or receipt by inmates of rehabilitative or correctional services, facilities, programs or treatment not reasonably included as part of normal maintenance. Participation in programs of inmate employment, if any, the disposition or crediting of any payments received by inmates on account thereof; and the crediting of proceeds from or disposal of any products resulting therefrom. ARTICLE IV Procedures and Rights (a) Whenever the duly constituted authorities in a state party to this compact, and which has entered into a contract pursuant to Article III, shall decide that confinement in, or transfer of an inmate to, an institution within the territory of another party state is necessary or desirable in order to provide adequate quarters and care or an appropriate program of rehabilitation or treatment, said officials may direct that the confinement be within an institution within the territory of said other party state, the receiving state to act in that regard solely as agent for the sending state.

(a) General rule.--An employee of a State correctional institution who is injured during the course of that employment by an act of an inmate or by any person who has been committed to the State correctional institution by any court of the Commonwealth or by any provision of the act of July 9, 1976 (P. The department may require, as a condition to approving any plan, that two or more adjoining counties join with another adjoining county to establish detention facilities. The site may be selected from suitable lands already held by any county of the district for county purposes from lands donated for such purposes or any quantity of land within the respective districts. (13) To make rules and regulations and to perform other duties as may be reasonably necessary or appropriate to implement the training program for county probation officers. (c) "Receiving state" means a state party to this compact to which an inmate is sent for confinement other than a state in which conviction or court commitment was had. (b) The terms and provisions of this compact shall be a part of any contract entered into by the authority of or pursuant thereto, and nothing in any such contract shall be inconsistent therewith.

"Inmate." A person committed to a term of imprisonment or otherwise confined under the custody of the Commonwealth or a county in a correctional institution in accordance with law. The compensation of any such expert shall be fixed by the district attorney employing the expert, with the approval of the court of common pleas, and shall be paid from the county treasury upon warrant of the county commissioners in the usual manner. In the case of an escape to a jurisdiction other than the sending or receiving state, the responsibility for institution of extradition or rendition proceedings shall be that of the sending state, but nothing contained herein shall be construed to prevent or affect the activities of officers and agencies of any jurisdiction directed toward the apprehension and return of an escapee.

"Department." The Department of Corrections of the Commonwealth. (e) District attorneys may employ experts.-- (1) District attorneys may employ experts on fingerprints to assist them in the investigation of pending cases and to testify at the trial thereof. (b) An inmate who escapes from an institution in which he is confined pursuant to this compact shall be deemed a fugitive from the sending state and from the state in which the institution is situated.

(d) Survivor benefits.-- (1) The surviving spouse and minor dependents of an employee who dies within one year as a result of an injury described in subsection (a) shall be paid benefits equal to 50% of the full salary of the deceased employee. (b) Administrative support.--The county commissioners shall, at the expense of the counties, provide a meeting place for the board and furnish all supplies and materials necessary to carry on its work. The county commissioners of the counties may, after consultation with the advisory board, employ a chief administrator and such other employees as may be necessary to conduct and manage properly the joint detention facilities and shall fix their compensation. When, in any district formed by counties under this subchapter, the arrangements are complete for the reception of inmates, transfer of all persons who are subject to confinement as provided in this subchapter shall be made to the joint detention facilities of the district. If an inmate refuses to perform the work assigned to the inmate or is guilty of other acts of insubordination, the chief administrator shall punish the inmate in such manner as the rules and regulations provided for may prescribe. The cost of transporting inmates committed to the joint detention facilities shall be paid by the counties, respectively, from which the inmates are committed. A detailed statement of the receipt and expenditures by any county constituting a part of the district for joint detention facilities erected under the provisions of this subchapter shall be published by the county commissioners of each county or by the controller in the county. (a) General rule.--The original cost of the site and buildings of the joint detention facilities and the equipment thereof, all additions thereto and all fixed overhead charges in conducting the joint detention facilities shall be paid by the counties constituting the districts in the ratio of their population according to the last preceding United States census. (a) Fund established.--The County Probation Officers' Firearm Education and Training Fund is established as a restricted receipts account within the General Fund. (e) All inmates who may be confined in an institution pursuant to the provisions of this compact shall be treated in a reasonable and humane manner and shall be treated equally with such similar inmates of the receiving state as may be confined in the same institution.

If such payment is not made, the amount due the Commonwealth shall be deducted from any salary then or thereafter becoming due and owing to the employee. It shall also make an annual report to the county commissioners concerning the management and operation of the joint detention facilities. An inmate of a joint detention facility under the provisions of this subchapter, unless disqualified by sickness or otherwise, shall be kept at some useful employment as may be suited to the inmate's age and capacity and as may tend to promote the best interest of the inmate. The officer shall have results of the investigation which indicate that the requirements of paragraph (3) are met. County Probation Officers' Firearm Education and Training Fund. (d) Each receiving state shall provide regular reports to each sending state on the inmates of that sending state in institutions pursuant to this compact including a conduct record of each inmate and certify said record to the official designated by the sending state, in order that each inmate may have official review of his or her record in determining and altering the disposition of said inmate in accordance with the law which may obtain in the sending state and in order that the same may be a source of information for the sending state.

"Commission." The Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing. "Correctional institution." A State correctional institution or a county correctional institution. Such fingerprints shall be taken on forms furnished or approved by the Pennsylvania State Police. (i) The parent, guardian, trustee, or other person or persons entitled under the laws of the sending state to act for, advise, or otherwise function with respect to any inmate shall not be deprived of or restricted in his exercise of any power in respect of any inmate confined pursuant to the terms of this compact.

"City department." The department of human services of a city of the first class, or such other agency of a city of the first class as shall be determined by a mayor of the city. This paragraph shall not apply to persons charged with a violation of 75 Pa. (2) The chiefs of law enforcement bureaus of all cities within this Commonwealth shall furnish daily to the Pennsylvania State Police copies of the fingerprints and, if possible, photographs of any person arrested within their jurisdiction charged with the commission of a criminal offense classified as a felony of any degree or who is reasonably believed to be a fugitive from justice or a habitual criminal. (h) Any inmate confined pursuant to the terms of this compact shall have any and all rights to participate in and derive any benefits or incur or be relieved of any obligations or have such obligations modified or his status changed on account of any action or proceeding in which he could have participated if confined in any appropriate institution of the sending state located within such state.

This shall include reports from the following: (1) A correctional institution that is not operated, supervised or licensed by the Department of Public Welfare pursuant to the act of June 13, 1967 (P. (a), was redesignated as the Department of Human Services by Act 132 of 2014. (2) The department shall not be required to temporarily transfer any inmate under this subsection unless all of the following apply: (i) A court order has been entered directing the presence of the inmate at a judicial proceeding. They shall serve for a term of three years and shall be representative of the broad segments of the county's population and shall include persons whose background and experience indicate that they are qualified to act in the interest of the public. (b) Counties that may elect to be subject to subchapter.--Any county of the sixth, seventh or eighth class may elect by resolution of the county commissioners to be governed by the provisions of this subchapter. (b) Frequency and nature of meetings.-- (1) The board shall meet monthly, or more often if required, and keep regular minutes of their proceedings in a book to be filed with the financial records of the county. Code 95.242 (relating to Statistical/ informational reporting). If any phrase, clause, sentence or provision of this compact is declared to be contrary to the Constitution of any participating state or of the United States or the applicability thereof to any government, agency, person or circumstance is held invalid, the validity of the remainder of this compact and the applicability thereof to any government, agency, person or circumstance shall not be affected thereby. The secretary or his designee is hereby authorized and directed to do all things necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the compact in every particular except that no contract for the confinement of inmates in the institutions of this State shall be entered into unless the secretary has first determined that the inmates are acceptable, notwithstanding the provisions of Article IX-B of the act of April 9, 1929 (P. "Bylaws" means those Bylaws established by the Interstate Commission for its governance, or for directing or controlling the Interstate Commission's actions or conduct.

Individual, separate written findings for each restraint must accompany the report. The Department of Public Welfare, referred to in subsec. The department shall have the discretion to select an alternative and reasonably accessible State correctional institution if bed space limitations in the nearest State correctional institution prevent the temporary transfer to that institution. (c) Qualifications of citizen members.--The citizen members shall not be employees of the county or of the Commonwealth. L.931, No.95, effective immediately, retroactive to October 12, 2009. (2) The following persons shall be members of the board: (i) The president judge of the court of common pleas or a judge designated by him. The decision to delete this position shall remain in effect for as long as the president judge making the decision shall remain as president judge and thereafter until rescinded in like fashion by a successor. (a) Quorum.--A majority of the members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and all actions of the board shall be by the approval of a majority of all the members of the board. Bonds for county prison staff in fourth class counties. (c) Definitions.--As used in this section, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this subsection unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: "County Extraordinary Occurrence Monthly Report." A collection of statistics and other information by the department on designated report forms or by other available approved methods for the collection of such incident information under this section and in accordance with written local policy providing for the collection of population information prescribed by 37 Pa. ARTICLE X Construction and Severability The provisions of this compact shall be liberally construed and shall be severable. ARTICLE II DEFINITIONS As used in this compact, unless the context clearly requires a different construction: "Adult" means both individuals legally classified as adults and juveniles treated as adults by court order, statute, or operation of law.

See sections 8 and 10 of Act 33 of 2009 in the appendix to this title for special provisions relating to continuation of prior law and applicability. "Secretary." The Secretary of Corrections of the Commonwealth. (3) (i) The district attorneys of the several counties shall keep and arrange files of the fingerprints, taken under this section, of persons convicted of a criminal offense and shall destroy the fingerprints of all persons acquitted. (a) Liability of cities.-- (1) When an inmate is committed to any county correctional institution in this Commonwealth either for the nonpayment of a fine or penalty imposed for the violation of any city ordinance or while awaiting a hearing upon any charge for the violation of any city ordinance, the costs of proceedings and the expenses of maintaining the inmate during his confinement by virtue of the commitment shall be borne and paid by the city whose ordinance was alleged to have been violated or to which any such fines or penalties are payable. ARTICLE VII Entry into Force This compact shall enter into force and become effective and binding upon the states so acting when it has been enacted into law by any two states.