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Paper Mario: Color Splash is an action-adventure, turn-based role-playing game for the Wii U developed by Intelligent Systems.

Surprised, he lets them in and receives a mysterious letter.At Port Prisma on Prism Island, various Toads are enjoying playing with the various colors of paint available.Bowser, who is looking from above, jumps into the rainbow-painted area in the middle of the Big Paint Stars with the intent of giving his shell a rainbow hue.As soon as they reach the Mini Paint Star, they see an airship carrying a giant bucket of red paint that was stolen by the Slurp Guys.When they reach Cherry Lake they find a Toad, named Justice Toad, that was hanging on the giant bucket but in the end fell off.Mario and Huey board the airship (by climbing the anchor) and they destroy it, causing the large paint bucket to fall onto the tower, repainting it and allowing them to enter it.

Inside, they find Morton Koopa Jr., who is looking for the red Big Paint Star as well.

Soon after the reveal, Black Bowser shows up and reveals to Mario his plan to use the power from the black paint to take on the world and then flies off on an airship with a lot of Bowser tape on it, including a long tape holding Peach.

Peach manages to leave a Holo-Peach to Mario, where she reveals that Bowser seems different besides the black paint that covers him, even though he doesn't intend to be harmful toward her.

Toad then heads off, while Mario and Peach, after activating an emergency mechanism, meet Huey, a mysterious 3D talking paint bucket.

A scream is heard and Mario, Huey, and Princess Peach quickly head over to the sound only to find a red Shy Guy with a straw, called a Slurp Guy, draining the color from Toad.

The colors are used to battle the Slurp Guy and two Shy Guys that came to his assistance.

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