Men rubber band is rubbish concept

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Waking up in an unfamiliar place is always bewildering, and Christine felt exactly that as she coughed violently and sat up on a small hard bed in a tiny room with little natural light.

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Plain wooden floor boards ran the length of the small room, a large wardrobe stood in a corner opposite the door and at the foot of her bed stood a plain metal footlocker; no other furniture adorned the austere room.If you fail to follow these rules you will be punished. They each enjoy their own particular flavour of sadism, but they all enjoy torturing, humiliating and degrading young women like yourself. No one is allowed to ever be called by their proper names here, instead you will be given a new name by the masters. Your new name will be what you answer to, how you will refer to yourself and how the other girls will refer to you.But on the upside, you may s a good question, and it leads me to some of the rules. If you tell anyone your real name, you will be punished, and so will the girl who you tell.Trying to ignore the headache, she timidly climbed up on the bed and pulled herself up to the small barred window.Through it she could just make out the city skyline in the medium distance. She levered at the window in an effort to open it however it was stuck fast.Gripping the iron bars, she pulled herself further up to look down into the street, quickly realising that she was five or six stories above street level.

She saw a handful of people quietly going about their business, wrapped up tight against cold-winter winds that howled down the street.

With her make-shift toga still wrapped around her she walked to the imposing steel door.

She saw no handle, only a keyhole and what appeared to be a hinged window that opened outward and allow someone to look in on her.

Seriously, listen to me, shave every hair on your body off, and be extra careful around your genitals, because they are likely to pay the most attention to that area.t even have a moment to think about the terrible things she had just been told before the steel door in front of her emitted a loud click and begun to open up on the common room beyond.

The first thing she saw was a naked girl with red hair run from the door next to her across the room and into a bathroom beyond.

We have about half an hour before the door in front of you opens and when it does you will need to have understood everything that I am about to tell you. If you break any of their rules, you will be punished. Put out of your mind any thought of being rescued or escaping.