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Nordschleife runs are not without sometimes prominent critics.

Testing prototype cars on a circuit is nothing new, obviously: it's probably been going on since someone drove a horseless carriage onto a disused donkey derby track.New entries require an original, uncut on-board video, showing the lap and the timing from start to finish. Time was set on a non-exclusive public track day with other cars present. Modified by Japanese automotive accessory company Blitz, it was claimed to be capable of 750 PS (552 k W; 740 hp) but ran on 606 bhp (452 k W; 614 PS) when time was recorded. "..cant resist asking what its lap time is and Richter, (Gerhard Richter, director of M Gmb H) reveals that it's , but that time was set with a development car rather than the final, optimum, production-ready car."Electric Race About of Finland is road legal and registered prototype battery electric vehicle.A statement that OEM tyres have been used is required. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, PDK, carbon ceramic brakes, OEM deletion of audio and communication system, Clubsport package, Porsche Motorsport bucket seat and harness on driver's side. Car is a series produced Formula Ford racer converted for road use that including the addition of registration plates, wheel covers, front and rear lights, revised wing mirrors and a horn. Car has been modified by Loaded to include a custom supercharger that puts out 180 PS (132 k W; 178 hp) more than the stock car's 360 PS (265 k W; 355 hp) 3.2L inline 6 BMW S54 engine. Test was run by Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences using Nokian Z G2 high performance road tyres. This modified car differs from the production model with added roll-cage, stripped out interior, upgraded brakes, rims and tyres. Chery claimed that they have been the first Chinese auto maker that 'Conquered the Nürburgring (中国首驱,征服纽博格林!)'.Manufacturers also lend support to private entities or media outlets.Some lap times are even claimed to have been done during tourist driving sessions. Additionally, there are two speed limits (one in Breidscheid, and one on "Döttinger Höhe") on tourist days.According to Car and Driver, Nürburgring Nordschleife "record-chasing runs are a universally accepted, objective measure of a car’s performance, and shaving seconds gives automakers reasons to grab some headlines." Compared to the current version, the original Nürburgring track was longer and split into three configurations.

The entire track, the Gesamtstrecke (see map above) was 28.3 kilometres in length, composed of the Nordschleife (22.8 km), the Südschleife (7.7 km), and the Betonschleife – the latter a short 2 kilometer warm-up loop around the pit area.Most laps are completed 200 metres (656 ft) shorter for safety reasons.Full uninterrupted flying laps can only be done in closed sessions and race events like Castrol-Haugg-Cup.But the 'Ring, through being communal and open to all, encourages a pointless scrabble for comparative lap times that isn't helping you or me." According to Popular Science, "beating the 'ring, and making a You Tube video to prove it, is about the best marketing move a sports car company can make, even one that plans to roll only a double-digits'-worth of cars out of its production facility." the record was widely reported by the media.Magazines like Car and Driver and "the wider automotive industry" declared the worldwide street-legal Porsche 918 the new record holder since the SR8 didn't meet full type-approval and only could get British single-vehicle approval.For new entries, this list requires an official manufacturer’s press release for manufacturer-conducted tests.

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