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“The retailer is not controlling but is managing the flow of information, and the shopper sees the retail brand as helping her shop,” says Jon Stine, director of Internet business solutions at Cisco. For example, if you check prices online while you’re in the store, you might get messages that the store will match the lower prices you find.

So retailers and malls are beginning to monitor all visitors’ cell signals, which help create “heat maps” that glow red where the most foot traffic is—perfect for showing where to best place displays, in-store ads, and high-margin merchandise.Kiosks and interactive touch screens often do the same thing.What’s creepy about it: Not only are stores doing little or nothing to disclose that signs are watching you, but some privacy advocates also fear that the technology also could be used for discriminatory pricing based on age, sex, or ethnicity.The offers work to serve the retailer’s needs—as a result, the deals might be on stuff that’s about to be marked down for clearance anyway, or for a brand that you don’t usually prefer.What’s in it for you: Money-saving opportunities, if you can resist buying stuff you don’t need.What’s creepy about it: The reward is designed to appeal to you, based on statistical models that predict consumer behavior.

It’s usually valid for only 1 to 2 hours, so you’re pressured to use it or lose it.

Stores have been monitoring and tracking returns and exchanges for years to identify and prevent the 1 percent that are fraudulent.

Now some stores are rewarding the honest 99 percent of customers who return items with special offers—say, a 20 percent discount or off a specific item—to encourage them to spend their refund in the store.

Last October, the Federal Trade Commission recommended clear disclosure to consumers, security standards for stored video, and customer opt-out or consent in certain circumstances.

What’s in it for you: Stores use video customer counts to set staffing and reduce cashier-line backups.

Those rights are constantly evolving as technology finds new ways to pry into your affairs and consumer advocates push back with new protections.

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