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Free dirty chat room no signup - Free sexchat for married people

Her words made me bolder and I decided to see how far I could push things. "That's true, honey, but I don't have a G-string." she said in a soft, sexy voice.

Mom looked sexy sitting there in her Chinese silk pajamas. I would often catch my friends checking her out when they thought I wasn't looking. I told her that a guy I knew had started working at Danny's.

As she bent over at the waist in front of me, I looked down the opening of her blouse and saw her tits hanging down.

She quickly straightened up and laughed, obviously getting a kick out of being a tease. In a bar you wouldn't be wearing a big blouse like that." She pretended to be shocked and said, "What are you suggesting, young man?

The fabric was thin and as she stood up her large breasts swayed, causing the material to move. Danny's was a bar with male dancers that catered to women. "Some of the girls at the bar tonight told me that I should try it too." I said.

I had a little bit of a buzz on from the bar and it made me feel like talking.

She was standing right up against the front of my chair and her breasts were just above eye level. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her close, resting my head on her stomach just below her breasts. The effect was to give Mom a wedgie in the back as the material of her panty disappeared into the crack of her ass. Pulling up her panties had also put more pressure on her pussy in front and the way she was clenching her ass cheeks told me that she liked it.

I could feel the weight of her tits as they rested on top of my head. I then slid the dollar sideways into the back of her panties and pulled it down the crack in her ass so that it stuck out on either side like a little tail.Mom noticed my problem and instead of being offended, she acted flattered.She smiled a slightly tipsy smile at me and said, "Looks like you need to make an adjustment, son." At this I blushed, but my discomfort overcame my embarrassment and I reached down and straightened out my cock so that it lay against my stomach. "I can tell that you mean it" she said laughingly as she continued to stare at my crotch.The panties were tight and I could see the outline of her pubic mound. She was breathing hard and I could smell the scotch on her breath.She looked so sexy I thought I would come in my pants right then. I reached out my hands to take her around the waist but at this point she moved her hips back out of reach and teasingly said, "No, no, no! " When Mom had moved her hips back while keeping her hands on my shoulders, it had caused her to bend over more at the waist.I can teach you how." She went into the living room, started the CD player, and came back into the kitchen. "Jus' for that I'm gonna give you a great show." The song she had picked was Prince's "Cream." I turned my chair around to face her as she started to dance.

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