Dating wool fibers

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Oh what fun, even if it meant sitting in the corner for awhile.

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Do not let this toy fool you; it takes good hand dexterity to score.

Battledore & Shuttlecock( or Jeu de Volantis ): is an outdoor game played since the earliest American Settlements.

It is an ancestor to both modern badminton and table tennis.

Bilbo Catcher (Bilboquette): The Bilbo Catcher has a solid wood spindle 4 7/8" long, with a solid wood ball.

In the Bilbo Catcher one side of the spindle is a straightforward cup and ball game, while on the other side the player must catch the ball on the tip of the spindle by a hole drilled in the ball for that purpose.

48 Piece Set: Contains 48 wooden blocks in various shapes and sizes.

62 Piece Set: Contains 62 wooden blocks in various shapes and sizes.Cup and Ball, Small: The small cup and ball toy is also solid wood turning 6" in length, with the cup designed in line with the handle. It is available in either natural wood or with a painted (yellow cup and red ball).Each toy is individually packaged in a poly bag by Historical Folk Toys.The 7" X10" is the most typical size used in school rooms.Slate Chalk Boards have a piece of slate for the writing surface and therefore both sides are the same and can be used.There was no waste, as they could be erased and written on again and again. They didn't eliminate the quill pen or stylus, as those were used also.

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