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They tried to struggle against what they saw as a foreign ruler and in 1327, they set up their own council.

The Boppard townsfolk, however, felt that this merger with the Electorate of Trier was unlawful.This vista gets its name from the way in which the Rhine can be seen from here, or rather the way in which it cannot be seen: hills block out most of the view of the river itself so that visitors can only see four apparently separate patches of water, rather like four lakes.These are all actually parts of the Rhine; there are no lakes to be seen. Boppard’s town forest is the second biggest in Rhineland-Palatinate with an area of 43.6 km².On the other hand, the river was gaining more and more importance as a supply and trade avenue.In the mid 3rd century, the Rhine’s right bank had to be evacuated and conceded to the Germani, thereby making the Rhine the Empire’s border once more.Along this part of the river lie the outlying centres of Hirzenach and Bad Salzig, as well as the town’s main centre, also called Boppard.

Directly north of Boppard, the Rhine takes its greatest bend.Since 1969, the town of Boppard has belonged to the Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis, and is the district’s northernmost municipality.Boppard is a middle centre; the nearest upper centre is Koblenz, some 22 km away.In 355, Roman Emperor Julian stopped the Germanic invasion and began securing the Middle Rhine. It was also at this time that the Late Roman castrum, the Römerkastell Boppard on the Roman road through the Rhine valley, was built.Towards the end of 405, the last Roman troops were withdrawn to defend Italy.This bow is called the Bopparder Hamm, although this name is more commonly applied to the winegrowing area found along it.

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