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The Gulf Coast of Florida offers amazing outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round, but are especially sweet when it's cold elsewhere.We have chosen to make our base of operations in Fort Myers, at the southern end of Florida and spend our week kayaking in search of manatees, biking and shelling on Sanibel Island, cruising the placid waters and soaking up the sun.

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The Smoky Mountains get their name from the bluish haze that clings to them.The activity level for this trip is perfect for the woman who is physically able to handle the activities, has a spirit for adventure, but not necessarily a lot of experience.Feel the thrill of having conquered a new activity, or the joy of returning to something you love. New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the US.This road trip also traces the history of traditionally American music..the Country Music capital of Nashville to the Blues and Elvis in Memphis to Jazz in the Big Easy.Come listen to the music and bear witness to the history as we travel these southern roads.If you love the outdoors mixed with the charm of small towns, palatial estates and gorgeous scenery, then this trip is for you!

Come join us as we visit three Southern cities and explore and experience the charm of each.

They're thought to be among the oldest mountains on Earth, having formed 500 million years ago.

Take a ride on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, see pristine waterfalls and beautiful mountain vistas, spend time exploring the artsy city of Asheville and experience life in the early 1900s at Biltmore Estate.

Heavily influenced by the blended cultures of French and Creole, the Big Easy is a wonderful destination for anyone looking for good food, interesting architecture and unique cultural experiences.

In Jackson Square, part of the French Quarter, you can watch street performers, have your fortune read, enjoy a lovely park, or just people-watch (always a fun thing to do).

The nickname for the state of West Virginia "Wild and Wonderful" is an accurate description of this lush - almost primeval - state where flowing rivers, old-growth forests and open meadows beckon the woman who wants to engage with nature through a variety of activities.