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How widespread this custom was is now becoming evident as computer databases have grown and it is easier to search for congruent dates on specimens from distant localties. On the other hand, von Sneidem, a prolific collector, has long been known to have been careless in labeling material but how careless he was has not been appreciated heretofore. 0108S/7005 (Scheuerman, 1977:8 (map)) Enters on right bank of Rio Miritiparana [Olll S/7002 (USBGN)], close to latter's confluence with middle Rio Caqueta [0308S/6446 (USBGN)], northeastern Amazonas, Scheuerman, date ? AGUA SUCIA, LAGUNA; Meta Not located Borrero and Cruz, date ? It is now obvious that his records bear scrutiny, as he appears to have been at distant points, sometimes on opposite sides of the Andes, at about the same time or even on the same dates (e. Villavicencio); perhaps he purchased specimens and substituted his name for that of the collector, a custom that has been noted for some early collectors, particularly in Ecuador. Brown, who has been considered to epitomize the accurate and careful collector, has some overlapping dates at Puerto Viejo, Paramo de Chirigua, Cheru, La Concepcion, etc. 100 m, at eastern base of central Eastern Andes, 26 km SW of El Yopal [0521/7223 (USBGN)] (Atlas, 1977); collector ?

Diccionario Geograficao de Colombia en CD- ROM, 1996, Instituto Geografico "Agustin Codazzi," Bogota. Unless followed by an "S", all latitudes are north of the Equator. Mapa del Valle del Cauca (0,000), 1973, Secretaria de Obras Publicas del Departamento. ; on eastern side of Central Andes in municipio of La Plata [0225/7610 (USBGN)], southwestern Huila (Dice.

Ornithological Gazetteer of the Guianas, Lorain Stephens and Melvin A. The ease with which data within the computer may now be manipulated, compared, and dissected has aided in the identification of some sites and has also revealed some interesting facts about earlier collectors. 10,000-13,000 ft [3,050-3,950 m] (USNM); shown on USNM map of Carriker's collecting sites as being on Boyaca/Santander border, due W of Santa Rosa de Viterbo [0553/7259 (USBGN)]; Carriker's field catalogue (USNM) indicates is on road between Virolin [0605/7312 (USBGN)] and Duitama [0550/7302 (USBGN)]; Carriker in vicinity, and between 10,000- 13,000 ft, 24-25, 29-30 Sept., 1-2 Oct. (Romero & Morales, 196); probably equivalent to Agupero, which see. 1 135/7250] and slightly farther WSW of Manaure [1147/7227 (USBGN)], on lower Peninsula de la Guajira [1200/7130 (USBGN)], Vidales and Sanchez, date? AGUSTIN CODAZZI; Cesar 1002/7314 (USBGN) 200 m, at western base of central Sierra de Perija [1000/7300 (USBGN)] (MHA, as "Codazzi" and "Espiritu Santo"); Carriker, 11-14, 16 Mar., (USNM). AHUMADA, LAGUNA BOCA (Serna, 19); see El Estero, Arroyo. ALBAN; Cundinamarca 0453/7427 (USBGN) 2,280 m (de Schauensee, 1948a:282); 1,900 m (Niceforo, 190); on western slope of central Eastern Andes, 12 km NW of Facatativa [0449/7422 (USBGN)] and 7 km S of Sasaima [0458/7426 (USBGN)] (MHA); collector ?

Ornithological Gazetteer of Paraguay, second edition, Raymond A. As a consequence, information obtained from this source is often less precise than one might need for the gazetteer. sea level, on coast short distance NE of Machapo [ca.

Map of Intendencia de Arauca (0,000), 1974, Instituto Geografico "Agustin Codazzi," Bogota. USBGN: United States Board on Geographic Names, Dept. USNM: United States National Museum (data from spciemns therein and from field catalogues of M. We owe very special thanks to Blair Winter and Lorain Stephens for their countless hours of volunteer labor researching localities at Field Museum. 1870 (Wyatt, 1871: map, 120, 330, 373, 382, as "La Cruz"). ] (Carriker, 19); Haffer, in forested hills and cleared lowlands. 150 m, railway station, 19 km N of Ciicuta [0754/7231 (USBGN)], near Venezuelan border, at eastern base of northern Eastern Andes (MHA); Niceforo, 2, 22 June, 1 July, 30 Oct. 1955 (Niceforo, 195, 389; Serna, 19; lafrancesco, et al., 19; 19, 121; 195; ANSP); railway and Aguablanca not shown on recent maps (e.g.. AGUABONITA; Cundinamarca (MCZ); see Aguabonita, Quebrada.

Map of La Sabana de Bogota (1 :50,000), 1974, Instituto Geografico "Agustin Codazzi," Bogota. Once again we make public our appreciation of the services of Alison Pirie in taking many thousands of file cards and turning them into a usable gazetteer. ACACi AS; Boyaca (Niceforo & Olivares, 19); see Acacias; Meta. 1950 (Olivares, 1974a:77; lafrancesco, et al., 19; 191); collector ? (Borrero, 1960a:487); Niceforo & Olivares, 19, as "Acacias, Boyaca"; also see Las Blancas, Meta.

The following abbreviations and acronyms have been used: AMNH: ANSP: Atlas, 1977: Atlas, 1992: CM: CU: Dice. We have generally employed the conventions adopted in the earlier gazetteers, such as referring to the readily accessible Map of Hispanic America ("Millionth Map") whenever possible and to less well-known maps only when necessary. Map of Departamento del Magdalena (0,000), 1975, Instituto Geografico "Agustin Codazzi," Bogota. 1870 (Wyatt, 184, 378, 383); Klages and Carriker, July 1916 (FMNH); Carriker, 25 June, 17-25 July 1916 (CU, as "Aguachica, Magdalena"; UMMZ, as "Aguachica, Magdalena"; CM; ANSP, as "Aguachica, Magdalena"); Romero, in Municipio de Aguachica [0820/7335 (USBGN)] but S of town of Aguachica at Cienaga de Pita [0755/7340 (USBGN)], Quebrada la Rayita [0756/7340 (USBGN)], etc., which see (Olivares & Romero, 19ff); Parkes, 190, as "Aguachica, Magdalena." AGUACHICA; Magdalena (Parkes, 190); see Aguachica, Cesar. 100 m, at eastern base of extension of Northern Andes, close to Venezuela border, 40 km NNE of Cuciita [0754/7231 (USBGN)] (MHA); (IGAC [N. 100 m (Atlas, 1977); on western slope of Western Andes, on right bank of Rio Anchicaya [0346/7710 (USBGN)], at mouth of Rio Aguaclara [ca. 1957 (Lehmann, 197) and at 100 m, presumably also at mouth, 3 June 1957 (MVZ). 1989-1992 (Stiles, 1995a: 121, as "Cano Limon"); identification uncertain; could be the Cano Agua de Limon [0635/7010 (USBGN)] in western Arauca. 1911, 17 June 1913 (Todd & Carriker, 197-108, as "Agua Dulce"); Smith, 12, 26 Apr. AGUAMIEL, Ri O; Santander 0612/7347 (USBGN) Short tributary of Rio Horta [0611/7406 (USBGN)] rising on western slope of north-central Eastern Andes, N of Velez [0601/7341 (USBGN)] (MHA); collector ?

Geog.: FMNH: IGAC [Antioquia]: IGAC [Arauca]: IGAC [Bogota]: IGAC [Boyaca]: American Museum of Natural History (data from specimens therein). Again we have followed the United States Board on Geographic Names for the mode of citation and spelling of localities. Map of Departamento de Norte de Santander (0,000), 1974, Instituto Geografico "Agustin Codazzi," Bogota. (Niceforo & Olivares, 194, as "Aguabonita"); Bernal, 5 Aug. de Santander], as "Aguaclara"); Niceforo, (Niceforo, 199, as "Aguas Claras" and "19 km N" of Cucuta); for an additional Niceforo collecting site with this name in Norte de Santander, see Agua Clara [ca. 0342/7657 (Mapa, Valle, 1973)] and at Km 101 on road to Buenaventura [0353/7704 (USBGN)] (Mapa, Valle, 1973); Lehmann, at mouth of Rio Aguaclara |ca. 1957 (Lehmann, 197); Sibley, 13 June 1956 (CU, as "Aguas Claras"); Hilty, nearby, various times, June-Aug.

Field Museum of Natural History (data from specimens therein). For help in obtaining publications and maps we are grateful to C. Vlll MCZ: Museum of Comparative Zoology (data from specimens therein). 1 August 1980 IX ABEJAS, VALLE DE LAS; see Las Abejas, Valle de. ACEVEDO; Huila 0149/7552 (USBGN) 1,200 m, near headwaters in valley of Rio Suaza [0210/7541 (USBGN)], 1 which connects with upper Magdalena Valley, on western slope of southern Eastern Andes, 22 km ESE of Pitalito [0151/7602 (USBGN)] (MHA); Hershkovitz, June 1951 (FMNH). ADUREIMEINA (Simons, in Todd & Carriker, 19); see Duriameina. AGREDADOS DEL NORTE (Cuadros, 1993b;29); see Girardota.

Map of Departamento de Antioquia (0,000), 1973, Instituto Geografico "Agustin Codazzi," Bogota. MHA: Map of Hispanic America ("Millionth Map"), 1927-1945, American Geographical Soociety, New York (reference to one of the ten sheets covering Colombia). (refers to NIS Gazetteer: Colombia, 1965, or to The Americas, Gazetteer Supplement, 1971). YPM: Peabody Museum, Yale University (data from specimens therein). ABIBE, SERRANIA DE; Cordoba/Antioquia 0750/7630 (USBGN) 1,500 m, 100 km northern extension of Western Andes along which runs a portion of the Cordoba/Antioquia border (MHA); Willis, up to 1,000 m on eastern side, W of Rio Verde del Sinu [0751/7618 (USBGN)], 25-26 Mar. ABREGO; Norte de Santander 0805/7313 (USBGN) 1,404 m, on western side of northern Eastern Andes, but on eastern watershed of Sierra de Ocana [0830/7330 (USBGN)], near head of valley of Rio Algodonal [0814/7319 (USBGN)], a tributary of Rio Catatumbo [0921/7145 (USBGN)], 23 km SE of Ocana [0815/7320 (USBGN)] (MHA, as "La Cruz"); in large savanna, Wyatt, Jan. ADURIAMEINA (Todd & Carriker, 197); see Duriameina. AGUABLANCA; Norte de Santander 0803/7229 (USBGN) ca.

g., Alto de Buey; Alto de Buey, Pacific side; Alto de Buey, Bado side; Alto de Buey, Rio Baudo, Alto de Buey, Rio Jurubuda, etc.). Carriker's field catalogues for 1940-1952, enabling us to add refinements to the present list that would not have been possible from published data alone. 0137/7559 1,400-1,500 m, in southern Huila, near San Adolfo [0137/7559 (USBGN)], district of Acevedo [0145/7555 (USBGN)], Hershkovitz, 12, 19 June 1951 (FMNH); Blake (19, 11) places on Rio Suazo [0210/7541 (USBGN)] but Dice. indicates is on Rio Aguas Claras [not located], an affluent of the Rio Suazo on western slope of southern Eastern Andes. 0409/7337 Near Villavicencio [0409/7337 (USBGN)] at eastern base of central Eastern Andes, collector ?

For instance, his identification of a single locality, as ascertained by collecting dates, may take many forms (e. 1946 (Renjifo, 193, as "Aguasclaras (Villavicencio)"). AGUAS CLARAS; Norte de Santander (Niceforo, 199); see Agua Clara, Norte de Santander. 100 m, in valley of Rio Magdalena [1106/7451 (USBGN)], 48 km NNW of Bucaramanga [0708/7309 (USBGN)], 15 km S of La Gomez [0723/7333 (USBGN), and 40 km ESE of Puerto Wilches [0721/7354 (USBGN)] (MHA); Palmer, 10-11 Nov.

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadephia (data from specimens therein). The reader, however, should be alert to one problem that is particularly troublesome in this volume, viz, the fact that the boundaries of Colombia's political subdivisions have been shifted or split a number of times, resulting in a given site appearing in the ornithological literature under two or even three political divisions. Map of Departamento de Sucre (0,000), 1975, Instituto Geografico "Agustin Codazzi," Bogota.

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