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A New Armistice Day Exactly at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 99 years ago, people across Europe suddenly stopped shooting guns at each other.Up until that moment, they were killing and taking bullets, falling and screaming, moaning and dying. It wasn't that they'd gotten tired or come to their senses.

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The book's subtitle is "How the Military and Corporations Are Shaping a Climate-Changed World." In short, the Authoritarian Exceptionalist Military Corporate Complex is flamboyantly recognizing the hole it is in, and exponentially increasing the rate of digging, while hiring PR firms to redefine "digging."What About Weinstein's Public Offenses?

New York Times and Reaction to It Help Us See Where Nazis Come From "Imagine being so bad at drumming that you become a Nazi," someone tweeted in response to the recent and scandalous New York Times' article about an Ohio Nazi. Against Thanksgiving What the hell do I mean I'm against Thanksgiving? How about famine, cholera, war, slavery, rape, murder, torture, environmental collapse, refugee crises, evil heartless lying scheming governments, oil spills, slick propaganda, mass incarceration, entrenched apathy, bigotry, greed, or sadism?

Top 10 Ways to Stop Trump Nuking Anybody On Tuesday the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on whether Trump can just up and nuke people or not.

We're far more likely to hear what can be done with sleep, diet, switching to a civilized healthcare system, emphasizing education rather than incarceration, creating a sustainable local economy, et al.

Gainesville Bans Torches, Charlottesville Allows Guns Here's a list of items banned from an event in Gainesville, Florida, with hatemonger Richard Spencer.

Congress Members to Screen Hilarious Antiwar Film in U. Capitol Congress Members Jones and Garamendi are going to screen and discuss a hilarious movie mockery of militarism. Can Architecture Fix Our Health, Minds, Societies, Environment?

Of all the factors that impact our lives in major ways, with ripple effects into all corners of human existence, the question of how we build our built environment receives impressively little attention.The petition reads: "Make clear that in permits for any rallies in public spaces in Charlottesville, guns, knives, and sticks shall not be allowed."My letter to Larry Flynt on Trump Impeachment Larry Flynt, Your grounds for impeachment #s 2 through 6 (plus that of the paragraph that follows them) are already documented by overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence.What is required is to recognize that and to remove from the list the impediment of the ground you have placed as #1 which helps create the illusion of requiring more information.And the town of √Čvian-les-Baines in France on the south shore of Lake Geneva is not just a location for luxury hotels.It's also the location where, in July 1938, the first international effort was ever made (or feigned) to alleviate a refugee crisis.It includes all conceivable weapons, and even open flames of any kind.

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