Baby speed dating super bowl commercial

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The people inside the story are as winningly intricate as the soundtrack.

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Even in a cast of multilayered characters, he stands out, the sort of felon who will set up a major heist while babysitting his little nephew, who has precocious rip-off tendencies of his own.Edited with surgical precision to the soundtrack’s pop gems, the melees are not the endless, numbing sequences featured in too many films.These clashes are gorgeously constructed, the mind-blowing fluidity of their combat serving as a sort of setup, and the final blow as the punchline.Wright isn’t simply placing songs atop scenes, he’s shuffling melody and movement together with the virtuoso skill of a casino croupier.He has crafted a film where the sights and sounds aren’t simply harmonious, they’re homogeneous.On Sunday night, the Verizon Instagram account had an answer for all the other cell service companies' ads, slinging comebacks that erupted into an all-out social media war.

And though not quite as many people saw the tweets as those who watched the big game — a whopping 111 million — the tweets were liked and retweeted thousands of times each.A doctor and his daughter who died in the arms of her brother were among the 18 people killed in devastating mudslides that brought tragedy and sorrow to the idyllic coastal community of Montecito, California.While T-Mobile and Sprint shelled out big bucks to have ads featured on TV during the Super Bowl, Verizon decided to save the cash and promote itself on social media — by bashing its competitors' commercials.When the rock ’n’ roll really kicks in, it’s getaway time.We flow to a smooth, lengthy tracking shot as Baby goes slip-slide romping along a downtown street in perfect sync with Bob & Earl’s smooth “Harlem Shuffle.” On most of the buildings and walls he passes, key words from the song lyrics are hidden in posters and graffiti, each popping into view precisely on cue.As Baby’s plan to abscond and undermine the operation emerges, he’s in a lot of gun sights.