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The payment of interest and principal on the bonds would be covered by tolls, concessions and other income.

Note how the stone-arch overpass design borrows from the New York parkways designed by Robert Moses.Where the opposing lanes converge to as little as 30 feet, landscaped berms block the view of opposing traffic, eliminating the blinding effects of opposing headlights.The curvature and grade of the roadway vary in response to local conditions.Clarke's design for the parkway was a hybrid of the "Pennsylvania Turnpike" model that stressed efficiency and the "Merritt Parkway" model that stressed aesthetic beauty.Building upon the parkway guidelines outlined in the 1935 "Regulations and Procedures," the following principles governed the design of the Garden State Parkway: The roadway was designed for safety, comfort and speed. Acceleration and deceleration lanes are provided for entrances, exits, and service facilities in order to smooth traffic flow.The right-of-way for the parkway ranged from 150 feet to 1,200 feet.

The most common bridge type over the length of the Garden State Parkway is the steel-span bridge, of which there are approximately 320.

The earth moving undertaken during construction of the roadway provided an opportunity to plan for safety features.

In northern New Jersey, the "metropolitan section" of the parkway serves as a functional commuter highway and does not appear different from the expressways built in the 1950's.

Buildings for service areas, police barracks and toll plaza administration facilities were a one-story domestic design that was compatible with the "New Jersey Colonial" design.

These buildings were of either brick or wood frame construction.

Earthen berms and concrete retaining walls form the walls of the cut. (Through Bloomfield and Cranford, the parkway itself is carried above the towns.) South of Cranford, the rolling terrain and wooded buffers return.

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