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We strive to deliver orders within 2 to 3 business days from the date of shipment.If you answered yes to all at least 2/4 questions above, you're gonna love the 1-Day Acuvue Define contact lenses series.

I wear these only when I have days off from work or at home all day.

I was given three kinds of Define lenses to choose from: Natural Shimmer, which offers just a subtle definition to the limbal ring; Natural Shine, which is just a bit more intense; and Sparkle, which also adds a subtle hint of blue to the iris.

After trying on both the Shimmer and Sparkle at once, I settled for the former—I was astounded at the way they made my eyes pop.

If you order 6 boxes your shipping fee might be bucks. Update as of January 31, 2014: I no longer order my lenses at Contactlensxchange any more.

I've been ordering from Aalens because their price per box is usually - cheaper, plus shipping fee is pretty much a flat rate of around .95.

They don't dry out my eyes as easy as some other colored yearly disposable brands that I've tried before.

It sucks that the Define series are not sold here in the US, at least here in Arizona where I live.Every time this happens, I literally cannot even open my eyes to get them out (or maybe I have sensitive eyes... They simply just don't seem to stick into your pupil that well and you can tell right away because it has a weird blurriness to it.Except for the Accent Style, when I put it on the wrong side, they hurt my eyes so bad (again, I could be having sensitive eyes...? I love love love this brand and the colored contact lenses not only because they're super comfortable, natural looking no matter what series of the Define you're using, and they give an instant bigger and brighter looking eyes. Crossing my fingers that one day, they'll come to the US. At Contactlensxchange, the shipment was pretty expensive but I am now on my 4th order with Contactlensxchange and let me correct myself about the "extremely fast" part, the order usually take about 10 to 15 business days to arrive. For example, if you order 2 boxes your shipping fee might be bucks.They're the most comfortable lenses that provide a super natural bright looking eyes I've ever used. Though it doesn't carry the word "Natural" but it provides the most natural looking out of all the 3, in my point of view from having to tried all 3 of them. It also makes my eyes kinda sparkly but definitely doesn't give that scarily big black dolly eyes look.These babies provide the most subtle and natural effect that no body can ever tell your beauty secret. People definitely don't know that I'm wearing contact lenses when I have these on.Think about the piercing eyes of that young Afghan girl in Steve Mc Curry's famous photograph for It's this research that fueled Acuvue's Define collection—that, and a new market. The Define lenses are carefully designed to mimic and intensify the patterns and light reflection on the iris.

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